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Getting Started

How do I install HouseMoney?

You can install HouseMoney here. Or download it directly from the Chrome Store if you’re using Google Chrome. HouseMoney currently only supports Chrome for our Beta release. We expect to add Firefox or Safari soon.

What stores does HouseMoney work with?

One of the great things about HouseMoney is that you don’t have to change a thing. Shop like you normally do on your favorite websites. HouseMoney currently supports a handful of stores as part of our beta. We will be expanding the supported stores throughout the beta. Please enter a store you’d like to be on the platform here.

How does it work?

Now onto the exciting part - earning the chance to win big prize! Once you’ve installed HouseMoney, you’ll see a small “hm” when you shop on your favorite sites. It is located on the top right corner of your Chrome Browser. If the ‘hm’ is yellow/blue, HouseMoney is supported on that shopping site. Any purchases made on that site will enter you in a chance to win the grand prize!

How do I earn chances to win?

Every dollar you spend using HouseMoney is entered as a ticket for the weekly sweepstakes drawings. Say you purchase a new TV from BestBuy for $350 and use HouseMoney. You will have 350 chances to win a prize in that weekly sweepstakes drawing. There is no maximum ticket limit.

How Sweepstakes Drawings Work

When are winners announced?

Thursday 8:00pm EST sharp. Grab your popcorn, open your browser, head to the Live Results tab of the browser extension to see if you’ve won! But don’t worry, we’ll also email you too if you’re kicking back on the couch after a long day of work.

How will I know if I won?

After a drawing is complete and you’ve won a prize, we will let you know right away. You can check the Live Results section in the browser extension and you'll get an email.

How does HouseMoney determine a winner?

  1. At the end of every Sweepstakes drawing, which occurs every Thursday at 8:00pm EST,  all the tickets are shuffled and winners are randomly selected. The prizes are then assigned to the winners at random and based on their relative number of chances in each sweepstakes. 

  2. After each successive winner is selected, we then remove the rest of that winner's tickets from the winning group since you can only win one prize per weekly drawing.

  3. These steps are then repeated until all the prizes have been allocated.

What are the chances of winning a prize?

There are two factors that determine the odds of winning a prize. First, the number of users who made a purchase in that weekly drawing. Second, the number of tickets each user has earned from their purchases that week.

How many prizes are available each week?

You can check out our Official Rules to see the prize allocation table and amount of prizes available each week. In our Beta, there will be 86 prizes with a total value of $750 will be awarded every week. You can only win one prize per weekly drawing.

What happens if I didn’t win?

You might not have won the prize, but it didn’t cost you anything. It will always be free to enter a weekly sweepstakes. Also, you're still having fun shopping!

How to Cash Out my Winnings

When are payments sent out?

  1. Lucky you, you’re a winner! After winning a prize, head to the “Cash Out” section to enter your method of payment. We support Venmo, PayPal, or if you’re old fashioned we can send you a physical check. 

  2. Payouts are paid immediately so you don’t have to wait to redeem your prize.

Can I earn anything other than cash?

Currently, you can only earn cash. However, we are developing partnerships with our advertisers to provide brand specific prize packages. If you have a prize package you’d like HouseMoney to offer add it here.

About HouseMoney

How is HouseMoney free?

HouseMoney partners with affiliate networks and earns a commission when we help users win money shopping online. We do not share any personal identifying information with our partners.

Where do the sweepstakes prizes come from?

HouseMoney pools the commission earned from these affiliate networks to create prizes for you to win. You may not win, but you can't lose because all the money comes from our affiliate partners.


What personal data do you collect and track?

We do not collect or track any personal information related to your shopping or browsing behavior. We are here to make your online shopping experience fun. Not spy on you while buying your favorite pair of shoes. You don’t even have to provide your email when signing up to set up an account with us.

How is my data and information being shared?

We do not share any of your data. Full stop.

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