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Official Rules


HouseMoney Sweepstakes – July 6 to August 5, 2023 Official Rules

Participation in the SWEEPSTAKES (the “Sweepstakes”) constitutes your agreement to be bound by these Official Rules (“Official Rules”).


Alphabet Inc. or PayPal Inc. does not sponsor and is not involved in this promotion or any other HouseMoney promotion.





The HouseMoney Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) occurs between 12:00:01 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) on July 6, 2023 to 11:59:59 p.m. ET on August 5, 2023 (the “Sweepstakes Entry Period”). 

The Sweepstakes Entry Period is made up of four (4) “Entry Periods”. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each Sweepstakes Entry Period from all valid and eligible entries received at the end of each Entry Period. Please note that non-winning entries will not carry forward to the next entry period(s). Entries are only valid for one Entry Period. Entering the Sweepstakes does not admit you entry into any other sweepstakes. By participating in the Sweepstakes, each participant accepts and agrees to comply with and agree to the Official Rules and the decisions of HouseMoney as outlined here as well as in the Terms of Service. Participants agree that HouseMoney has the full ability to interpret these Official Rules and can exercise its discretion on all matters, which can and will be final and binding in all respects.



Only legal residents of the fifty United States (and the District of Columbia), who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry can participate in the Sweepstakes. Void where prohibited. HouseMoney may require proof of residency and age. Employees and directors of HouseMoney and its service providers and affiliates are prohibited from participation. To enter the Sweepstakes or receive a prize, you are required to completely comply with the Official Rules and, by participating, you represent and warrant that you agree to adhere to the aforementioned Official Rules and decisions of the Sponsor, whose actions shall be binding and final in all respects relating to this Sweepstakes. The Official Rules govern the Sweepstakes and are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.



Eligible and active HouseMoney users will earn one (1) entry, otherwise referred to as Chances, into the corresponding Entry Period Sweepstakes drawings for each dollar from all eligible purchases made through the HouseMoney services. The entries will be available in a user’s HouseMoney account after making a verified and eligible purchase. A purchase will not count towards entries until the purchase is complete and it is verified by our third party merchants.


By Mail entry. You can participate in the Sweepstakes and receive one (1) chance by emailing a picture of a handwritten sheet of paper or digital note with your name, address, e-mail, and phone number to: For each completed manual entry, you will earn one (1) Chance. Limit one manual entry per postage. You will be provided random numbers after your entry has been received. Each manual entry will give you one (1) Chance for the Sweepstakes that begins on the following Entry Period. This will be determined when the letter is received and not when it is postmarked. No copies, facsimiles or mechanical reproductions will be accepted. Sponsor assumes no responsibility for lost, late, incomplete, stolen, misdirected, broken, damaged, illegible or mailing costs.  


Regardless of method of entry, there is a limit of 100,000 entries per person per Entry Period. You may not use various email addresses. Additionally, participants cannot use any device or program to participate multiple times or as multiple participants. Participants will be disqualified from the Sweepstakes and will forfeit any winnings if the participant attempts to participate using multiple email addresses, with multiple accounts, any other device or program to enter several times. There may be technical or human error during the Sweepstakes registration process and HouseMoney shall not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate entry information caused by such actions. 

G. Entry Periods:

Note start and end dates are at 12:00:01am ET and 11:59:59pm ET, respectively.

Entry Period A:

  • Start Date: 7/6/23

  • End Date: 7/13/23

  • Approximate Drawing Date: 7/15/23

Entry Period B:

  • Start Date: 7/13/23

  • End Date: 7/20/23

  • Approximate Drawing Date: 7/22/23

Entry Period C:

  • Start Date: 7/20/23

  • End Date: 7/27/23

  • Approximate Drawing Date: 7/29/23

Entry Period D:

  • Start Date: 7/27/23

  • End Date: 8/3/23

  • Approximate Drawing Date: 8/5/23


From all valid and eligible entries received in accordance with the deadlines indicated the possible winning participants will be randomly selected. The selection will occur at Approximate Drawing Dates mentioned above. The possible winning participants will be notified by our Service, email, and/or telephone. We will use the contact information you provided to Sponsor.  We are not responsible for any inability to contact you due to incorrect, modified, incomplete or illegible contact information provided to us. In the event that the winner notification is not received, the Sponsor holds no liability for any reason. In the event a possible winning participant is unresponsive and does not confirm receipt of the winning within seven (7) calendar days of the first notification attempt, or if the winning prize or notification is sent back as unclaimed or not delivered, the possible winning participant will forfeit the winning prize. In this event, the Sponsor will select a replacement winner(s).  At its sole discretion, the Sponsor will try to contact up to four (4) potential winning participants of a prize as mentioned above. If all four (4) replacement winning participants do not claim the winning prize it may go unawarded. In the event that any possible winning participant is deemed ineligible, by not adhering to the aforementioned Official Rules or does not accept the winning prize(s), the possible winning participant will be disqualified and a replacement winning participant may be picked. The Sponsor maintains complete discretion regarding the interpretation of the Official Rules, management of the Sweepstakes, as well as the winner selection process.  The Sponsor makes all final determinations and decisions regarding the selection of the winning participants.



Winning Prize Amount #1

  • Winning Amount: $100

  • Number of Winners: 1

Winning Prize Amount #2

  • Winning Amount: $5

  • Number of Winners: 3

Winning Prize Amount #3

  • Winning Amount: $2

  • Number of Winners: 4

Winning Prize Amount #4

  • Winning Amount: $1

  • Number of Winners: 8

Winning Prize Amount #5

  • Winning Amount: $0.40

  • Number of Winners: 25

Winning Prize Amount #6

  • Winning Amount: $0.20

  • Number of Winners: 45


The Sweepstakes has a total value of all prizes available of $600. Participants can elect to be awarded his or her prize as a one-time deposit to the winning participant’s HouseMoney account. The HouseMoney terms of service and any other conditions apply. If a winning participant does not have a valid HouseMoney account, the Sponsor will award the winning prize to such winning participant in the form of a check. See Redeeming Winnings from Sweepstakes in the HouseMoney Terms of Service for more information.

Odds of winning a prize is dependent on the total number of eligible entries received as of the end of the applicable Entry Period. HouseMoney limits one (1) prize per person or user per Entry Period.



All winning prizes not claimed in accordance with the Official Rules will not be awarded. The Sponsor, in its sole discretion, can make final determinations and other restrictions of winning prizes not outlined in the Official Rules. Any winning participants who are award prizes valued at $500 must return a signed Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability Release and, when legally applicable, Public Release (“Winning Participant Documents”) within seven (7) calendar days of notification. If you do not complete the Winning Participant Documents you may not be eligible to cash out your winning and may be disqualified, which will result in an alternative winning participant being selected. You can submit a claim for your award for only 365 after being awarded. Prizes will expire after 365 days. In the event that any part of the Winning Participant Documents are returned incomplete or illegible the winning participant may be disqualified. HouseMoney will not be responsible for any federal, state and/or local taxes incurred with its services or prizes. All winning participants of prizes of $500 or more (or if winning participants who win $500+ cumulatively from Sponsor in a single calendar year) will be sent a 1099 form.



Only when restricted by law, when a winning participant accepts a prize they consent for Sponsor and any of other affiliates of the Sponsor to use and/or publish the winning participant’s entry, user account, name (if provided), city and state, and/or comments made by winner regarding the Sweepstakes or Sponsor, globally and in perpetuity for any and all reasons or uses, including, but not limited to, marketing, and/or promotion on behalf of Sponsor, in any and all forms of media. This also includes, but not limited to, print, TV, radio, electronic, cable, or internet, social media, or email, without further limitation, restriction, compensation, notice, review, or approval.



The Sponsor and its affiliates, agents, service providers, partners, representatives, successors, officers and directors, employees does not have any obligation or responsibility, or any and all obligation to provide any prize to partipants, with respect to: (i) entries that have inaccurate details or do not adhere with or break the Official Rules, (ii) participants who have knowingly or unknowingly committed fraud or deceived the Sponsor any HouseMoney services by entering or participating in the Sweepstakes or claiming or attempting to claim the prize, (iii) entries, prize claims or notifications that are past the aforementioned deadlines, illegible, incomplete, unreadable, undeliverable, not in English, damaged and/or not sent properly to the Sponsor recipient, partially or wholly, that is a result of technological, computer, mobile, browser, or human error of any kind, (iv) any issues and problems that cause and electronic device, hardware, software, network, Internet or software malfunctions to fail or have issues, (v) any issue that the winning participant has in accepting the prize for any reason, (vi) if for any reason the Sponsor cannot award the prize as a result of delays or problems from weather, Acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, widespread internet failure, weather or any similar occurrence that is outside of the Sponsor’s reasonable control,or (vii) any damages, injuries or losses of any manner that is caused by any and all prizes or from the awarding and accepting process, possession, use, misuse, loss or theft of any or all prizes or generally from being a participant in this Sweepstakes or any advertisement or winning  prize activities. The Sponsor has reserved, in its sole discretion, the right to disqualify and permanently ban any person or persons it deems that are or attempted to (i) tamper with the Sweepstakes registration/entry process or the operating procedures and mechanisms of the Sweepstakes, and/or with any Service, provided by the Sponsor or its affiliates, in advertising the Sweepstakes; (ii) violate the Official Rules; or (iii) enter the Sweepstakes various times by using multiple similar or different corresponding email addresses or the usage of any programmatic or partially or fully automated programs or devices to submit entries. In the event any unanticipated technical issues or events occur that damage the integrity or inability to operate the Sweepstakes, the Sponsor reserves the right to invalidate the entries in question, and/or end the applicable Sweepstakes in full or partially, and/or amend the Sweepstakes and/or give the prize from all eligible entries received as of the termination date.



Released Parties are not responsible for: (i) any information that is inaccurate or incomplete, this could come from either participants, typo errors or by any technical device or program used in the operation of the Sweepstakes, (ii) programmatic issues or failures of any kind, including, but not limited to delays, issues, or problems in telephonic or internet networks, either hardware or software, (iii) human modifications, in any way or shape, that result in errors to the entry registration process of the Sweepstakes, (iv) programmatic or human error in the operation and distribution of the Sweepstakes and/or the Sweepstakes registration process, or (v) any injury or damage to person(s) or property which might have been or was caused, either directly or indirectly, wholly or partially, from participants involvement in the Sweepstakes or when the participant used, received, or misused any prize or entry. In the event that, for any reason, a participant’s participation has been incorrectly modified, lost, or otherwise changed or negatively altered, the participant’s only course of remedy is participating in another Sweepstakes offered by the Sponsor. The Sponsor reserves the right to change the stated number of each prize awarded and there will be no additional awards than otherwise stated.



Neither these Official Rules nor the awarding of a prize creates any agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisor-franchisee relationship between you and Sponsor and/or the Sweepstakes Partners.



By participating in the Sweepstakes, Participants agree to the following: (i) all disputes, claims and causes of action that are a result of the Sweepstakes, or any prizes provided in connection with this Sweepstakes, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action; (ii) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Sweepstakes, or any prizes awarded, shall be resolved exclusively by the United States District Court or the appropriate Delaware State Court located in Delaware; (iii) any and all claims, judgments and penalties shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, this includes the costs associated with participating in this or any Sweepstakes. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not include attorneys’ fees; and (iv) under no such event, shall the participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and entrant hereby waives all rights to claim punitive, any other damages, other than for actual expenses by you in connection to participating in this Sweepstakes, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of the entrant and Sponsor in connection with the Sweepstakes, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Delaware, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of Delaware or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Delaware.



To obtain a copy of the Winner’s List, send a written request to To submit a valid request for the Winners List, your request must be received within 45 days after the conclusion of the applicable Sweepstakes.



Any participant in the Sweepstakes who has provided any personal information will be subject to Sponsor’s privacy policy which is located By participating in the Sweepstakes, you agree to provide the Sponsor explicit permission to share your email address and any other personally identifiable information with the Sponsor for the purpose of properly operating the Sweepstakes and notifying or awarding prizes.

LAST UPDATED: June 25th, 2023. 

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